About Karen

My goal is always to help people find their way through to a better future.  Whether happily planning their lives together and in need of a well-crafted prenuptial agreement and Estate Plan, or sadly, contemplating ending their marriage and in need of an experienced professional to help negotiate and navigate a new future, Van Kooy Law and Mediation offers a compassionate approach to these legal services.

I have been practicing law for twenty years.  My first introduction to family law were pro bono cases which I took in addition to working full time on civil litigation matters in a business law firm.  After three years of doing both, I switched entirely to family law, and in 2008, began training in mediation and Collaborative Law.

Over the years, it has become clear to me that mediation, Collaborative Law, and other “Alternative Dispute Resolution” approaches should not be the alternatives but rather the norm when it comes to negotiating family law matters.  In 2019, I chose to devote my time and energy exclusively to out-of-court approaches to conflict resolution.  My focus is to assist clients in finding the appropriate tools and approach that will work best under their circumstances.  Every case and every individual is different and is treated as such.

I have been gratified to work with so many diverse people and families:  couples with and without children, married, unmarried, men, women, straight, LGBTQI, and culturally diverse populations.  It is an honor to be trusted to support and guide my clients through some of the most important experiences of their lives.