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At Van Kooy Law and Mediation, what’s important to your family is important to us. Whether you are embarking on a marriage and want to consider a prenuptial agreement, or have come to realize that a divorce is inevitable and you want to be responsible and respectful Van Kooy Law and Mediation is here to help you handle the complexities of life and love respectfully, compassionately, and with dignity.

Family Law

2nd parent adoptions
Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
Divorce – Parenting Plans – Custody

Estate Planning

Wills and Trusts
Health Care Proxies – Advanced Directives
Powers of Attorney

When change comes — choose wisely.

There is no right way — there is no one way — there is your way.

Dispute resolution by agreement — an out-of-court approach


This team approach to conflict resolution promotes self-determination, confidentiality, and the long-term health of relationships.


A mediator (neutral) helps the parties in conflict have the necessary discussions about the necessary topics, to bring a conflict to a workable solution.


  • Limited Representation (LAR)
  • Case Evaluations
  • Attorney assisted negotiation
  • Combinations of all — the toolkit approach

Client-centered and client-focused approaches.

Confidential and flexible process.

Promotes long-term health of relationships.